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title: The Mayor of Casterbridge


author: Thomas Hardy


illustrator: Agnes Miller Parker


year: 1964


condition: A clean copy in fine/excellent condition. Includes gently used original dark red slipcase. Strong binding and spine. Clean, tear-free, and stainless pages.


publisher: Heritage Press 


pages: 318


dimensions: 9 inches x 6 inches x 1.5 inches


description: Hardcover, light red and beige book. Features a Casterbridge pattern along the front and back covers. Decorated in gilded text and decor along the spine. 


synopsis: In a fit of drunken anger, Michael Henchard sells his wife and baby daughter for five guineas at a country fair. Over the course of the following years, he manages to establish himself as a respected and prosperous pillar of the community of Casterbridge, but behind his success there always lurk the shameful secret of his past and a personality prone to self-destructive pride and temper. Subtitled "A Story of a Man of Character," Hardy's powerful and sympathetic study of the heroic but deeply flawed Henchard is also an intensely dramatic work, tragically played out against the vivid backdrop of a close-knit Dorsetshire town.

The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy (1964)

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