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Wuthering Heights

Among the wilderness of the Yorkshire moors, opposing forces collide. Enter the sphere of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, where boundaries are blurred between life and death and from which emerges a tale of both love and vengeance that spans across generations. 

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Many foolishly mistaken Wuthering Heights as a romance, likely a result of the prominence of movie adaptations, typically depicting Heathcliff as a  brooding, more romantic antihero. Rather, Brontë's novel verges into the realm of Gothic horror with its exploration of wild, dark characters and supernatural elements.  Not to mention, Brontë strategically plays with the reliability of the narrator's from the beginning of the novel, the nature of Lockwood's encounter with Catherine's ghost lending itself to interpretation.

May you find words of resonance in one of the masterpieces of the Romantic period.

Happy Reading,

~Kimberley, owner of The Admont Library

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