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title: Souvenirs de Jeunesse Suivis de Mademoiselle de Marsan et de La Neuvaine de la Chandeleur


author: Charles Nodier


year: 1862


language: French


condition: Clean copy in good condition. Strong binding and spine. Clean, tear-free, pages with light foxing throughout book.


publisher: Charpentier


pages: 353


dimensions: 7 inches x 5 inches x .75 inches


description: Hardcover, purple marble patterned book. Decorated in golden gilt and decor along the spine. Includes stamp from the previous owner as well as a stamp + signatures from the Valentine family. This particular book was originally featured at The Valentine Museum in Richmond, Virginia!


synopsis: Separated by the mode and the date of publication, the Souvenirs Mademoiselle de Marsan, the Novena of Candlemas, come together and are completed by the feelings which dominate from the first to the last page: adoration of the ideal of the beauty of woman and nature and the regret of youth made more vivid by the disenchantment of mature age. Nodier has given us in these pages the entire idyll of his golden years. Séraphine, Thérèse, Clémentine, Amélie, are the sisters of Diane de Marsan, like Cécile Savernîer, the dreamy bride of the Novena. 

Souvenirs de Jeunesse Suivis de Mademoiselle de Marsan (1862)

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