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*each of our books is wrapped and packed with a complimentary bookmark + beverage!


title: Le Peril National


author: Raoul Frary


series: Quatrième Édition (1882)


language: French


condition: Clean copy in good condition. Strong binding and spine. Clean, tear-free pages with light foxing.


publisher: Didier et Cie.


pages: 360


dimensions: 7 inches x 5 inches x .75 inches


description: Hardcover, dark blue book. Decorated in golden lettering and decor along the spine. Includes stamp from the previous owner as well as a stamp + signatures from the Valentine family. This particular book was originally featured at The Valentine Museum in Richmond, Virginia!


synopsis: Ce livre discute la Guerre Franco-Allemande. (This book discusses the Franco-Prussian War.)

Le Peril National par Raoul Frary (1882)

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