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title: Japanese Inn 


author: Oliver Statler


condition: A clean copy in delicate condition. Includes beige slipcase and gently used dust jacket. Strong binding and spine. Clean, tear-free, and stainless pages. Front and back covers have slight water damage. 


publisher: Random House


pages: 360


dimensions: 10 inches x 6.75 inches x 1.5 inches


description: Hardcover, deep yellow book. Decorated in red text and decor along the spine. Illustrated with 50 striking Japanese prints. 


synopsis: The beguiling story of the Minaguchi-ya, an ancient inn on the Tokaido Road, founded on the eve of the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate. Travelers and guests flow into and past the inn--warriors on the march, lovers fleeing to a new life, pilgrims on their merry expeditions, great men going to and from the capital. The story of the Minaguchi-ya is a social history of Japan through 400 years, a ringside seat to some of the most stirring events of a stirring period.

Japanese Inn: A Reconstruction of the Past by Oliver Statler (1961)

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