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Welcome to The Abbot's Corner

In extension of The Admont Library as an idea rather than merely a bookstore, The Abbot's Corner is a blog that celebrates the joy of reading, be it in all shapes and forms. Here we seek to extend beyond the facade of an antiquarian bookstore in developing a community of like-minded individuals.

Naturally, anything book-related goes, however, we also recognize that bookselling is hardly as limited of an industry as one might think, even with regard to a niche as specific as that of antiquarian bookselling. Booksellers often find themselves branching out into the realm of collecting illuminated manuscripts, old maps, antique French clocks, facsimiles, and even typewriters. As such, our blog will ultimately seek to explore such topics given our focus on the appreciation of knowledge on a general scale.

As always, The Admont Library aims to provide others with the ultimate reading experience, whether through a book or online. Inspired by the late-baroque architecture of The Admont Abbey of Admont, Austria, we strive to capture a particular image and with it a particular feeling: the same blossoming feeling I know I felt the first time I found a rare book at an estate sale and held it with my own hands, the first time I discovered the Admont Library, the first time I sold a book.

There is an unparalleled sentiment that comes with the nature of reading the leaves of the past and we seek to celebrate it.

We'll be here,

~ Kimberley Dunn, Owner of The Admont Library

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