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title: Youth - Typhoon - The End of the Tether


author: Joseph Conrad


illustrator: Robert Shore


series: The Heritage Press (1972)


condition: Near-fine/New condition. Strong spine and binding. Clean, stainless, and tear-free pages. Slipcase is slightly worn and faded. 


publisher: The Heritage Press, Connecticut


pages: 251


dimensions: 11 inches x 8 inches x 1.4 inches


description: Hardcover, dark blue and grey book. Decorated with gold text along the cloth-bound spine. Beautifully illustrated covers. Includes the Heritage Club's Sandglass No. VII:37 pamphlet.  Full color illustrations throughout the text. 


synopsis: "For it can hardly be denied that it is not their own desserts that men are most proud of, but rather of their prodigious luck, of their marvelous fortune," wrote Conrad of YOUTH. In it he captures a young man's exhilaration in the face of danger and the unknown.


THE END OF THE TETHER is of a different mold. Captain Whalley, aging but still afloat, compromises his principles without understanding what can follow. But life, like the sea, is unsparing, and the captain's fate arrives in due course, served up with Conrad's own brand of uncompromising logic.


The TYPHOON describes how Captain MacWhirr sails the SS Nan-Shan, a British-built steamer running under the Siamese flag, into a typhoon—a mature tropical cyclone of the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Youth - Typhoon - The End of the Tether by Joseph Conrad (1972)

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