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title: Mr. Adam


author: Pat Frank


condition: Good condition (Gently used, minor signs of wear and age, tear-free pages)


series: First Edition (1946)


publisher: Paperback Books


pages: 252


dimensions: 9.25 inches x 8.25 inches x 1 inch


description: Dark-green hardcover book. Decorated with gold text along cover and spine. Minimal shelf wear and stain-free covers. Small signs of age. Strong binding. 


synopsis: After a devastating nuclear accident, all men on Earth are rendered sterile, even the unborn in the womb. Ten months later, a doctor delivers a perfectly healthy baby girl, and it's soon discovered that the child's father, who has the surname Adam, was miles under the surface of Earth inside an iron mine during the explosion. It would appear that this Mr. Adam just became a lot more popular.

Mr. Adam by Pat Frank (1946)

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